Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Day at the Doctors

I had my doctor's appt. today. I was checked for Group B strep, so I will know if I have it in a couple of weeks. It is not a big deal for me since I had it with the first three children. The only thing that worries me is that if I have it and I go into labor on my own and I have SUPER FAST delivery like I had with Ethan. If this child came as fast as Ethan and was born within 10 minutes from the time I arrived at the hospital then I wouldn't have enough time to get all my meds for the GBS. For this very reason the doctor has scheduled me to be induced on Nov. 15 and to be honest that sounds WONDERFUL! I love when things are planned out and scheduled. Who doesn't?

Anyways, the doctor checked me and everything looks good. She can feel the baby's head and he in position. :) But, I am not dilated or anything like that- bummer. I guess I will be back in a couple of weeks and they are kind of throwing a fit because I am supposed to be weekly now, but hey what can I do when there schedule doesn't work with my schedule? I guess if anything happens the doctor is just a phone call away.

The next doctor's appt. was Emily's. She had a recheck for her asthma. She is on an oral steroid to help with her inflammation in her lungs. Everything seems to be coming back to normal. The doctor actually told me not to keep her from any exercises. He told me to let her play outside or inside like any other child. This will help her build up her breathing and lungs. He said if she can't play like any other child than we aren't doing our job of keeping her on the right medicine. It actually makes sense as to what the doctor is saying, huh, imagine that. :)

Both doctor appointments went very well. :)

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