Monday, October 11, 2010

Childcare Training

Today I had to sit through a three hour long, boring, horrible childcare training provided by the state of KY. I had to take the class for work and what is worse than that is work had to pay for me to go. I had to dance to children's music, do "learning centers", and watch a horrid movie about child abuse.
I couldn't help but thinking several different things-
1. While dancing to a children's song that teaches motor skills and following directions I thought this is really a government run operation. Seriously the tax dollars go to this organization? How sad. Seriously, 30 adults dancing to a song Tootie Ta. How embarrassing.

2. My next thought while I was doing learning centers is do I seriously need to follow a 11 step process on how to change a baby's diaper? Do I really need to follow a 7 step process on how to wash children's hands? Yep. I guess I do because if I don't follow EXACTLY EVERY step we will be written up at work.

3. When the child abuse video came on I thought I could handle it, but I couldn't. I wish I could have walked out, but again I couldn't. The only thing I could do from my not getting sick was to look away and think of my precious babies waiting for me to come home. Hearing the little pieces I heard from the movie did help me with remembering that little kids are just that-little kids. I am trying not to raise my voice as often and remember to speak kindly even when I am angry. Will I ever master putting off my "natural man", probably not because I am human, but I do know the more I try the better I will feel about my maternal parenting.

I guess for all the negative I saw of this training there was one positive thing that a came out of it. Maybe, next week will be a little better- yep, I get to take another three hour course again. Yippee!!

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