Monday, February 15, 2010

In a Funk...

Wow, haven't written anything for about six months. At least I am staying true to my journal writing ways. I seriously have got to kick it up a notch. Well, SO MUCH has gone on and it would take all night and longer to just touch on a few things in life, so I am not going to rewind but stay in the present.

A new year has come and I am trying to become a "new" me. Not sure if it is for the best, but I like it. I am trying to live in the moment. I am trying to not be so much of a people pleas er, but to finally do somethings that I want to do. I have ran myself ragged for years trying to work with every one's schedule and well I just can't do that anymore. 1. The Lord, 2. Hubby and kids, 3. Me, and if there is any extra energy left or time then I will schedule things to do with other people. Do I usually have extra energy or time to do anything with anyone? Nope. Do I care if I can't get it all done. Nope! I like the new attitude, but it is a work in progress. I feel this new way will bring less stress and more joy to my life. :)

What has been going on with us?

Sean is a area manager with Sleep Outfitters. He works lots of hours, but also has been home a little more lately. It has been nice to hang out with him and veg in front of the t.v. and laugh with him. He also has been picking up the the kids more from me at work and school. They will go on little "daddy field trips" or just hang out with dad at home. Everyone is loving it!

I have been in a weird funk, not really motivated. My sister created an addict of watching, The Office. To say that I love this show would be a MAJOR understatement! What else is to blame for my lack of motivation, Facebook (another addiction my sister created). I have been working and school is in, so there goes a lot of my time with homework and projects. Blah! I hate school! We have had a few snow days so that has helped me out tremendously with getting caught up with my work around the house.

Tyler is feeling a little under the weather today. He has a project due this week in Social Studies on Jimmy Carter (a.k.a. the worst president before Obama. Oops, I mean the 39th president) so, he has been working on that. He has been playing a lot of the Wii, doing chores, and losing teeth. He lost his sixth tooth today! The Stake Pinewood Derby is coming up so I think him and Sean are figuring out plans for that.

Emily also has been feeling under the weather lately. The weather really takes a toll on Emily with her allergies. She has been hanging out with Sean and I a lot. She likes to help me clip coupons. She also has been playing the Wii, Barbies, and Littlest Pet Shop with Isabelle. Emily also lost her fifth tooth today. Man, these two kids are going to break the tooth fairies bank account.
A couple of weeks ago, Emily wrote the Tooth Fairy a note at school. In the note Emily told the Tooth Fairy that she wants to see her and if she doesn't let her see her than when she catches her she is going to squish her. Emily was totally "smack talkin" the Tooth Fairy saying, "I hope you have nine lives because you are going to need them." Today after Emily lost her tooth, I told her that the Tooth Fairy might be too scared to come to give her money. I reminded her of the note she wrote talking about hurting the Tooth Fairy. Emily became scared that she wouldn't come and started crying. She then decided that she was going to write a note back to the Tooth Fairy telling her that she was joking. Good idea Emily!

Isabelle has also not been feeling well. I guess that explains all the whining. What else has she been doing? She loves to pester Ethan. She also loves to play, say, eat, and wear whatever Emily is doing. Every morning when I drop Emily and Tyler off at school Isabelle will cry that she is going to miss them. She is very excited for kindergarten! I just wonder if she will be okay and not cry for mommy.

Ethan has just been down right terrible. He has definitely kicked up being hyper in his diaper, lately! The boy is everywhere and into everything and bothering everyone! But he is so dang cute! I can't believe it will just be him during the day with me next school year. He loves playing the Wii and it amazes me how much he knows about it and playing it. He has been EXTREMELY clinging to Sean lately, too.

Well, that about sums it up. Till next time (lets hope it is before my normal once every six month stint.)

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