Sunday, October 10, 2010


It has been F*O*R*E*V*E*R since I have sat down and posted something. In fact it has been so long Blogger has changed on me and it took a couple of days for me to get familiar with the changes. I just wanted to update our family "journal" since I have these posts published for our family history. Hopefully I will become more diligent with keeping current even it is a couple of sentences. The kids are growing so fast, accomplishing so much, and living life and I just want to be able to remember it all, but to do so I have to write it down!

Here goes the update-

We are excepting a new little bundle of joy into our home next month. The due date is Nov.22, 2010. I have only one feeling regarding this news and it is "TERRIFIED!" You would think that having your fifth child it would be a breeze and no big deal, but not true with this one. I am trying to figure out why I am so terrified, but I can't really pinpoint it down to one determining factor, but many- 1. I am working outside the home now. Even though I am working part time hours with all the running I do before work and after work it is as if I am working full time hours plus some overtime! 2. The kids are in school now. Some may think that sounds easier, but with school comes, lots of homework, projects, tests, lunches, dropping & picking children up. 3. The kids are older another reason why I shouldn't be scared or so you would think. Everyone tells me that the kids will be such a big help, but I know how it is really going to work. The kids are older and involved in more activities- scouts, soon to be activity days, and sports- enough said! 4. Just the "motherly duties" I have of cleaning the house, paying bills, and grocery shopping with all the kids. 5. Remembering how fast the birth of Ethan came and how scary it was to me. 6. Not having insurance and paying cash for this kid is reason enough to give me a heart attack! 7. Remembering how demanding my children are as babies- very colicky and big eaters which means I will be soon feeling like dairy cow. So, with having all these thoughts bottled up inside my head I start to feel an anxiety attack happening and I have to tell myself to breathe. I figure if I plan for the worst and that is the way it turns out I won't be disappointed, but if things work out for me better than expected it will be wonderful! So much for the "Bundle of Joy" news!

Here is an update on the rest of the family-

Sean is still working as Area Manager for Sleep Outfitters. Earlier this year we bought a boat which was very exciting and very fun for the whole family! The boat is where Sean spent a lot of his time over the summer with the kids. He also has started to reload bullets again. For his birthday he purchased a new reloading press. I won't even begin to act like I know what I am talking about. He transformed and old t.v. stand into a mobile reloading station, so now he can sit downstairs on the couch watching t.v. while restocking his bullet supply. He loves it and loves that the kids have learned how to help him out with it.

I, like I said am pregnant. I am still working at Tiny Hands Academy over in Louisville teaching the 3-4 yr. old preschool class. I really do enjoy it. I am also still teaching CTR 5 class at church as my calling and I love that too. I have been trying to get the house little more situated for the baby. (That is a never ending process!)

Tyler is in 4th grade this year. He ran for class Treasurer, but didn't win. I was surprised he even wanted to try for it. He wrote a speech and stood up in front of the WHOLE 4th grade class and gave his speech. I was very pleased! He also is playing soccer again. He is really doing well (he should be for playing since he was 5 yrs. old!) He has been practicing for the school's Speech Contest coming up. He will be doing a demonstration of soccer moves. He also has been working very hard to get all of his achievements done for his Bear Badge. He only has a little over a month left. He better hurry! He is also very excited for the baby.

Emily is in 2nd grade this year. She has Tyler's 2nd grade teacher and loves her. Emily just finished a 2 week Whale Exhibit she had been working on. Daddy was able to go to her school this past Friday and see all she accomplished. She was very excited to see daddy! Daddy's words were, "she busted through everybody and ran up and gave me a great big hug". Emily suffers from asthma and she has been struggling these past couple of weeks. We are saying lots of prayers that she gets better soon! Of all the kids, I know why Emily was chosen for this trial in life, she has wonderful patience and understanding even when things don't go the way she would want them to. Emily is very excited for the baby's arrival and I have no doubt she will be my biggest helper!

Isabelle is a big Kindergartner now. SHE IS IN LOVE WITH SCHOOL!!! I love watching her trot in to school every morning eagerly passing every student in front of her. She has the most beautiful smile and a hug for teachers each morning. Isabelle's birthday will be in a couple of weeks. She is very excited! She has picked for her birthday dinner to be - Chili and Mummy Dogs and for her cake it will be a Jack-O-Lantern. Halloween, what a fun time to have a birthday next to! Isabelle is very excited and she whines to me about how "long it is taking for the baby to come out." I think she is anxious!

Ethan is in mommy's preschool class and to be honest there days he likes it and days he does not like it. He is getting so big and says the funniest things. Today at lunch he was holding his cup with one hand and he asked me, "Mom, do you like when I hold my cup with one hand?" I answered, "Yes, but be careful that you don't spill it." and then he piped back, "Do you know why I hold my cup with one hand? Because I am so BEAST!" (apparently "beast" now means awesome.) I am not quite sure how he will take to the baby. We shall see...

Well, that about sums it up for now.


Veronica said...

You guys have a lot going on:) I bet you're excited for the baby to be here though. Your kids will be great helpers and everything will go better than you expect.

Brown Family said...

Thanks Veronica. :)

Sarah said...

Alishia-you're prego! I've checked your blog frequently looking for updates but there hadn't been any for awhile! You are such an awesome mom--I can't wait for the news of your #5. Now, why don't you email me back? Did I make you mad?