Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soccer Season is Over

Every Spring and Fall I sign Tyler up for soccer. The last two seasons the girls played, but this time we felt that it would be a big drain on us. We were nervous how Emily would do with her Asthma and seasonal allergies. I was bummed about it at first because I really do like going to the games and watching them compete and learn new skills, but I am so glad that we didn't sign the other kids up. Tyler's practices and games alone wore me out, I can't imagine 6 practices and 3 games a week while I have been practice.

Why did we chose to let Tyler play? Well, he has been playing for about 5 yrs. (10 seasons) and he is REALLY GOOD! We have been blessed with good coaches almost every season. I was sad because for the past two seasons he had THE BEST COACH EVER, but now that coached has moved on to coaching over in Louisville. Bummer! His coach this season didn't impress me much. Actually, if I am being honest I hope he doesn't get her again. I feel she didn't push the kids hard enough. I don't want a Drill Sergeant, but I do want her too enforce being aggressive.

Tyler is an excellent team player. He is never a ball hog. His coach really enforced teamwork which is wonderful, but a lot of times the kids had the opportunity to score, but they were told to pass the ball. Guess what? They listened to their coach, passed and the team missed the opportunity to score.

All in all it was an okay season. I did love going to Tyler's games and I will anxiously await them until next season! The games are more competitive now and little more interesting. The Tyler has really gotten to be quite the lil' soccer star. I am glad he loves it so much! I think what I love the most is that before every game, Tyler offers a prayer. He prays for safety, to have fun, and that he will make goals. :) Tyler is very humble and realizes that the ONLY reason he has gotten to be this good is that he has developed his talent that Heavenly Father has given him. He knows without the Lord that he couldn't do anything. Tyler is such a good example of faith.

On the way home Tyler said, "Now, I am going to have to start praying for safety in football." I guess we will see next year when Tyler wants to try out for football. ;)

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