Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

It was a dreary and chilly day. The day went along with my mood. I was kind of grumpy. I think I am getting a little stressed out. I talked to Jeremy on the way to the mall this morning and he told me something very helpful, something that I needed. He said, "accept your situation, be patient, and have faith." Just what I needed to hear! Nothing is better than some good ol' big brother advice. Thanks Jer love ya! Anyways, I met up with JaDawn Ross at the mall and our kids just played in the play area. The kids had fun and then we treated them to a cookie at the mall. It was nice to get the kids out of the house. I was hesitant about going because Emily had been complaining that she doesn't feel good and it hurt to breathe. I gave her a breathing treatment and she said she felt better. I took the kids to the Dollar Store because they wanted to buy something with their money. Tyler bought a little robot guy and the girls bought some fairy dolls. I LOVE the Dollar Store. By the time I got home my mood was alot better. I made breakfast for dinner- a family favorite! After dinner the kids played, I folded some laundry, packed up a box to take to storage and watched some Law and Orders. Then we had our FHE for the week. We were a little late in the week, but at least we had it! We read a story out of the Friend about being children of God. We played Uno and had popcorn for a treat. I am happy my day ended good!

Emily had me up worrying in the middle of the night. I get concerned with her breathing. I know it is just allergies especially with the weather and her playing outside. I gave her a breathing treatment about 3am. I woke up at 7:30am to get ready for the Relief Society Super Saturday. I got the girls and the baby ready gave Emily another treatment around 8am. I am taking the girls to the Super Saturday because there is a nursery there. I kept the baby with me since I am still nursing. Tyler had a soccer game so I got everything ready for Sean to take to the game. After running around the house getting organized I was finally ready! Man it takes forever to get out the door to go some where. The Super Saturday was very nice. They fed a breakfast and a nice lunch. Tons of food and desserts so everyone got their grub on! There were different classes we could choose from, but you could only pick three. The classes that I took were- a dehydration class, a parenting class, and a spiritual class. The dehydration class and the spiritual class were so so. The parenting class was good. I need to speak nicer to the children and Sean. In the parenting class she said something that stuck with me. She said we are leading our children to Christ and we should remember how Christ guides us- gently. I just keep saying to myself "come follow me" right before I discipline the kids. I also need to work on better FHE, personal scripture study, and personal prayer. Just to name a few. I like going to the Super Saturday's because I get to know the sister a little bit better by chatting. I am glad I went. I had a great time! I saw Molly Cox there. What a pleasant surprise! She is so awesome! She is a miracle and I feel so blessed to have been able to spend just a little bit of time with her. By the time I got home I was sooo tired! JaNae was in town to go to someone's prom. It was fun to see her. Emily went with JaNae and grammy to get a pedicure so I took Tyler, Isabelle, and the baby for a walk. Then the girls came home from the pedicure and we waited for JaNae to get ready and leave in her pretty "princess dress" . (That is what the girls call any pretty dress.) Sean and his dad went to hit a bucket and the driving range. I fed the children and bathed them and then when Sean got home we had prayer and scripture. I am so happy the kids are getting back to routine a little bit. I love when they are in bed by 9:30pm!

I was so happy this morning because Sean had early morning meetings at church for his new calling which means we were on time. :) It was Fast Sunday. I can honestly say I really enjoyed most of the testimonies shared. I could really feel the spirit. I love meetings like that! The kids were good for the most part too! I didn't go into Sunday School because I saw Sandy Beers and I talked with her. I hadn't seen her in about 2 yrs. so that was nice to visit. The third hour was combined, but I didn't get to stay and listen. The baby was a little fussy. No big deal it was kind of boring talking about mental illness. Oh well, I guess it is something that needed addressing. Kind of funny though. Got home and of course changed and then went right into the kitchen. I don't know why but Sundays ALWAYS make me feel EXTRA tired and hungry. We had lunch. Then cleaned up the house and started cooking food for dinner. Lisa, Shawn and Shelton came to visit. That was fun! The food was wonderful. I have some new recipes to share! Yummo! I will post them later. It was really LOUD and CHAOTIC!! Oh my gosh can't handle that! After everyone left there was some extra time before bedtime left so I played a couple of games with the kids. We had fun! Off to the bedtime routine- jammies, brush teeth, scripture and prayer. Tyler and Emily fell right asleep. Isabelle stayed up a little longer because she had a late nap. I stayed up with her a planned out this weeks FHE and stayed up to talk with JaNae and Irina. I was very happy with this Sabbath day because we actually didn't stray from Sabbath Day activities. It has been really important for me to try and keep this day holy! I am so happy that the t.v. was not watched.

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