Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Little Emily

My redneck hubby. He thought he was so funny with his mustache. Thank goodness he shaved it off!

Cheerleader Isabelle is so cute at the games. She will cheer Tyler and daddy on by yelling, "Go Daddy!" or "Go Tyler go! You can do it!"

The Fire Team

Coach Sean and Tyler as the goalie at a game.

Here are the girls playing with baby Ethan.
Well there are some pictures. Yesterday was Monday and my day to get organized again. In the morning I played outside with the kids. We played Freeze Tag and a short game of soccer. Tyler beat me by 1. We did our school and had another great day! I cleaned and paid some bills. Sean went to the driving range in the morning and hit a bucket of balls. In the evening Sean took Tyler to golf lessons with his cousins, Jeremiah and Jacob. Then Sean hit another bucket of balls with my dad and Jeremy. Next week they will play a game of golf. Well that is about all we did. Isabelle is driving me crazy. She has been super bossy and cranky. I am going to get off here and get on with my day.

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