Monday, April 16, 2007

We are up!

We'll we are set up with a blog, how exciting! Jess and Will helped me figure this out. Thanks guys! I hope this blog can be useful for myself and others to be able to keep in touch better. I am taking this one step at a time so bare with me. I will upload some pictures soon! We have been sick here. Sean has been a big help with the kids. I have been sick so he has watched them while have having been getting some needed zzzs. Thanks babe! I think the last person to recover is baby Ethan. I hate when the kids are sick! Well not alot has been going on. We didn't go to church yesterday because of being sick. We ( the kids and I ) mostly stayed in bed and watched some movies. We watched Flushed Away. I thought it was kind of boring. We also watched Night at the Museum. That movie was not bad. Last night after putting the kids in bed I finished watching, The Guardian. I that movie was ok. Wow! I have been watching lots of movies. What a loser! Well I am off to get stuff accomplished.

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Meredith said...

we have been sick, too! and i have watched Bambi more times than i care to admit this week! :) did i email you that Ashley had her baby? Little Zoey Brinn... you can check my blog and follow the link to Ashley's blog to see the photos. She is soooo cute. She was born with pneumonia and is still in the NICU, poor little girl! anyway, hope you guys are feeling better soon! :)