Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

I cleaned up a little bit. I did some laundary. I was supposed to babysit, but plans changed. We hung out at the Faulsticks house- of course. Thanks Eddie and Sarah for letting us destroy your place, again! :) Sarah and I went to the grocery and got grub for us to eat Friday night and the food we were bringing for Thunder. I made a veggie tray and some salsa. The salsa was so good! I used Kim Stephenson's recipe that she had made at Enrichment because the recipe that I usually use is in storage with all of my cookbooks.

Fresh Salsa

6 Roma Tomatoes, chopped
1 red onion, diced
1/4 c. fresh cilantro, chopped
salt to taste
(it was really good and mild. You always can throw in a hot pepper to add a kick to it, but I chose not to this time.)

The weather has been just amazing! We started our morning off with Tyler's game. He played good and hard. But sadly the Fire team lost! The team they played against was really good though. Oh well, just gotta do better next game. Great Job Tyler! After the game we headed to Taco Bell to meet our friends and follow them down to their business and set up "camp". The Faulsticks own a 3D-4D ultrasound shop and photography studio in downtown Jeffersonville. It is about 1/4 mile away from the 2nd St. bridge so it was a perfect place to see Thunder since the Fireworks are all shot off of the 2nd St. bridge. It was alot of fun! We saw the military aircraft flying by. That is my favorite part. Ate and hung out with friends. The kids were so good! Then at night was the big fireworks production-Super Cool! Thanks Faulsticks for the invite!

Well we had to be a 1/2 hour early to church because we had a meeting with High Council. Someone got a calling. It ended up being for Sean. We has been called to Exec. Seceratary. I just laughed when they were telling him about all the early morning meetings he will be attending. I told him at least we will be early to church. He said that I don't have to go to church when he goes for the meetings and I replied back with, "I know I don't have to go to the meetings. We will be early because I don't have to wait on you." :) After Sacrament meeting someone made a comment to me that I won't have help getting the kids ready on Sunday anymore. Uh excuse me? I never really did have help. I get all the kids ready. Sean may tie a shoe or something, but usually by the time he is walking out the door I have everyone dressed and buckle in carseats.
Church meetings were ok from what I was able to hear. I was out in the foyer with Ethan and Isabelle during Sacrament. I was feeding Ethan during Sunday School. Then I was able to hear the annoucements for Relief Society and part of the lesson until I was called out to change Isabelle's diaper. She is so funny. She didn't want me to change her diaper. She wanted her nursery teacher to change her diaper. I finally conviced her that mommy will change her and her nursery teacher will wait for her. So when she was done Isabelle ran to her teacher. Then the poor girl fell and started crying. I said, "Go play with your cousins in your class." She doesn't have anyone related to her in nursery, but she calls her friends her cousins. Crazy girl! After church we came home and changed clothes and ate a snack. Then we headed over to Steve and Tammy's house. It was so good to see everyone there. Steve made a yummy dinner! The kids had fun playing with their real cousins, Grandma, and Uncle Phil. It was another gorgeous day. I am really glad that we were able to spend some time with my family!

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