Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Beginning of the week

This week has been a little slow, but that is how I like it sometimes. It is nice to not always be in a rush. I have just been staying at home mostly. Gas prices are RIDICULOUS!!! Jer told me that over in Louisville unleaded is going for $3.19!!! I am sure this being Derby week has something to do with that. That is just crazy!!! So yes that is a major reason I have just been kicking it here.
School here has been going very nice. I am so excited for Summer! I called the Board of Education to find out where I can get Tyler tested to put in public school next year for 1st grade and I learned that in Indiana Kindergarten is NOT even required. I am happy since I don't have to have him tested. I know he would have done great, but it would have been one more thing that I would stress about-so Yay! This week Tyler has had his golf and soccer. He seems to really like doing both of these activities, especially golf since he gets to see his cousins!
Emily and Isabelle have been playing really well together. Yesterday, Emily came up to me and said, "Mom, she keeps following me around." ("she" being Isabelle) I told Emily that is o.k. she just wants to be like you because she thinks you are a cool big sister. I told her Aunt Jessica used to follow me around. Ha ha Jess! All that following you did and you still aren't as cool as me. I still love you though! :)
I watched Tuesdays program of "The Mormons". How disappointing. To be truthful I wasn't too upset, because I wasn't expecting it to be great. It is funny how the media goes to the excommunicated/apostate people to get questions answered about the church. Oh well at least if some people watched it and have questions about what they saw maybe they will invite the missionaries into their homes and get the real answers. I guess it did have a few positive tinhgs to say about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Really that is about all that has been going on here. I have been staying up WAY too late at night! I have been doing the bedtime routine with the kids and once they are out I go up stairs to catch Law and Order. I don't know why I watch those shows-they freak me out! Last night Irina showed me her belly dancing workout. She asked me if I would want to learn belly dancing. I watched the work out dvd. It looks really neat, but I would be SOOO embarassed to work out with anyone. I was amazed at how much control they have over their bodies to get them to move different parts of the abdomen at different times. Very neat! After watching the work out dvd I hit the bed around 1am only to get one hour of sleep before Tyler wakes up around 2am. I guess he had a bad dream. I stayed up until 3am rubbing his back and then Isabelle kept coughing nonstop so I took her upstairs and gave her some medicine. I finally fell into a deep sleep around 5:30am then slept until 8:30am. I am dang tired!

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