Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beautiful Tuesday

Oh the weather was GORGEOUS yesterday! We had no big plans, just our normal routine.

Sean went golfing with his uncle. What a great day to do that! Sean loves to golf, but he says he isn't very good at it. He needs to practice his swing is what he tells me. :) I am glad he had a nice time. It is always nice to get out and do something you love.

I stayed at home with the kids. We did school and again Tyler did great! I let the kids play and eat outside. They were so excited! They played with the Frisbee and their badminton rackets. Isabelle started crying and gagging herself so I ran to see what was wrong with her. She is standing at the door crying with her tongue hanging out and drool running on to her clothes (pretty picture I know) and she is holding one of those dandelion flowers that you blow and the seeds fly away. So I figured out what happened- while she was blowing the seeds the wind blew at the same time her mouth was open and all the seeds went in her mouth. I felt bad for her because she was crying and on the verge of throwing up, but I cleaned her all up and laughed.

I got some cleaning done which seriously was nice. I also was able to talk with a couple of friends I hadn't spoke to in forever. I love to talk on the phone while cleaning it makes the work go by quickly and easier too! Thanks Vanessa! It was great to talk to you and seriously we will get the kids together and just the moms too!

Later that evening we went to watch Tyler play in his soccer game! Tyler is playing soccer through the YMCA. Sean is coaching the team. Sean seems to really like doing it. Although, for the fall season I am going to put Tyler with a different association because I feel like the Y is a little disorganized. At first when Tyler found out that Sean was going to coach Tyler just rolled his eyes and said, "Oh great I hope he doesn't get hurt." Then at the first practice I asked Tyler how dad did coaching the team and Tyler's reply, "Well, he's not that good." Oh kids say the funniest things. Anyways, they had a game last night. Tyler was the goalie at the beginning. He likes to be the goalie. All the kids like beginning the goalie so they have to take turns. After his turn as goalie Tyler was out in the field and the ball was kicked right into Tyler's stomach. He tried screaming, but the wind had got knocked out of him so he couldn't make any noise. OUCH! He ran to Coach Dad and then Sean carried him to me. Tyler didn't play the rest of the game. I think he was hurting and a little embarrassed. The game ended as a tie. Go FIRE! :)

Well that was our day.

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Meredith said...

sounds like a good day! poor isabelle! and poor tyler! that hurts so bad! that happened to shelby during her first and only soccer season! she wouldn't play again after that. oops!