Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences

This year I was dreading one conference in particular, which was Tyler's. Why?

Let's see- 1st grade for Tyler was a "great kid". Always A's in conduct and A's in a classwork. What was the problem? He would daydream and write love notes to the girls in class.
2nd grade for Tyler he was one of the teacher's favorite kid in the class. He is so sweet and lovable. Always A's in conduct and A's in classwork. He wasn't the fast reader, but could hold his own and his reading comprehension was excellent. Another problem for Tyler still in the 2nd grade was him staying on task, daydreaming, and in love with the little girls. I was told to maybe look into some medicine for him to help him stay on task. Ummm...NO! Nothing was wrong with him. He is a little boy who is doing all his work, making all A's, and being excellent in conduct. Why would I medicate him if there is no problem?
3rd grade for Tyler he was such a lovable little boy. He was never a problem in class, in fact at the beginning of the year Tyler asked his teacher if he could sit away from the other children so he could concentrate better. He made straight A's all year in academics and in conduct. He did have trouble staying on task/daydreaming and his reading was a little slower. His teacher wanted me to look into being medicated. Still the answer is no, nothing is wrong with Tyler that he should be medicated.
So, now brings me to 4th grade for Tyler. Now this is the first parent teacher conference for this year. This year Tyler also has a male teacher, which in my opinion male teachers vs. female teachers are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (not sure if it is a good or bad different, but so far I am liking it). He told me that Tyler is so well behaved, a joy to have in class and if he could have a classroom full of Tyler's than it would be wonderful. He also told me that Tyler does daydream, but he is not the only little boy in the class that does that, so he is not too worried. He told me that Tyler always participates in class discussion (which I am not surprised about(: ) and when asked a question on the spot Tyler always answers correctly. He does read slower than most of the class, but his comprehension is a 99%. (Sean said he was the same way as a boy, so I am not too worried. I read really fast, but I don't comprehend so have to go back and reread. So reading fast is pointless for me.)
Having talked with Tyler's teacher I felt MUCH better! He did get his firstever C and I wasn't too pleased with that, but it is in spelling and I blame myself for that since I have been a little to lax on the studying her spelling words. You better believe I am knuckling down this time on spelling and he his grade will improve. Boy, it better. ;)

The other children's parent teacher conference went very well, too. Emily's teacher had nothing but praise. She is above reading level and is making straight A's in academic and conduct. Her teacher's only complaint is that if Emily could speak up in class and participate a little more in the classroom discussion.
Next up, Isabelle, I was very anxious to her what her kindergarten teacher had to say. Again, nothing but praises for my girl. She said she was a leader (which surprised me since Isabelle copies everything Emily does at home). Isabelle is very much ahead of some of the other kids, but then I worked with Isabelle a lot before school started.

I love hearing how good the kids are doing in school! Since, I had a good reports and Sean was watching the kids, I made a pit stop at the bookstore and purchased items the kids had wanted. Everyone was happy!

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Christine said...

I just happened to check your blog today and am so glad I did! I too have been out of the blogging world for a few months now, maybe I'll get inspired by you!:) Congrats on the new baby coming and it sounds like your other kids are doing wonderful!!! Keep me posted on the baby:)