Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Catch up day

Mondays always seem to be catch up day from the weekend. I don't know why though, it is not like I took anytime off from the normal routine. I guess on the weekends the family is in TURBO DUSTRUCTO MODE. ;)

So, I balanced the check book, finally. Thank goodness I haven't bounced a check it has been weeks since I had done this little task. I also paid some bills which is another one of my favorite things to do. ;)

School has been going great with Tyler, but I would be telling a lie if I didn't admit to being EXTREMELY excited for SUMMER! Homeschooling has been a wonderful learning experience. I have no regrets for doing it this year, but I am excited to try public school. I think it would be to chaotic for both Tyler and I to go another year of home school with our family situation as it is right now. Oh well, I did my best and I think he has learned a lot! Great job Tyler!

Hmmm.... what else did I do Monday. Oh yes, my never ending job as referee to the children. Tyler is a great big brother-most of the time! But he know just what to say and do to his little sisters to have them run crying to me. Lately, Tyler has been hitting Isaboo or he calls Emily names like "stinky" or "loser". What is up? In return Emily knows how to pester her older brother by ignoring him when he asks her questions. I guess I would too if my brother called my stinky. :) Yesterday Emily was riding her bike and Tyler had left is Styrofoam airplane on the side walk. Well, what do you think happened next? Yep, you guessed it! Emily ran the darn thing over and Tyler started screaming like some had sliced his hand off. Emily calmly says, "Well you shouldn't have left it out." What a snotty little girl! Tyler probably shouldn't have left it on the ground, but dang Emily have some compassion. And then we have Isaboo, that girl is two years old and she thinks she is queen bee. What ever Isabelle wants Isabelle gets in her mind so, she is having a hard time learning about other people's property. I guess she is not down with OPP. (Ha Ha I couldn't resist. I crack myself up!)

Sean went golfing with Tyler, Jeremy and Phil. He said he had one of his worst games EVER! Jeremy told me that Sean was so mad that he hit the green with his club and left a dent in it. Boys it is just a game! While the boys were golfing I took the girls outside and let them ride their bikes again until dark. After that it was time for bed. I wonder if it makes me a bad mom when I look forward to my children going to bed?

I am off to make dinner.

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Meredith said...

definitely does NOT make you a bad mom! that makes you a mom that is trying to stay sane! :) my girls never sleep so I never get any alone time.

and i don't believe you about emily! she is the sweetest little girl in the entire world! we miss her so much in primary! :)