Monday, May 21, 2007

The Weekend

I remember when the weekend would just fly by as a kid in school, but now I have to say that the whole week flys by!

Saturday was Tyler's last game for the season. I am happy to report that the Fire team ended the season victoriously!! After the game I didn't do much. Sean headed over to hit a few golf balls and get a few pointers from Scott Kasteler. I just tried to clean and do some laundry. I feel like sometimes there is so much to do that I seriously am walking in circles. I feel nothing gets accomplished. Oh well. Later in the day Sean and I ran a couple of errands without the two older kids. Even though it takes alot longer to get around with all of the kids I really still miss them even if it was for an hour or so. Sean and I came home and got dinner ready. Sean and Isabelle made a cake for FHE. Tyler and Emily went to the airport to put gas in grandpa's plane and then went to Burger King. They were so excited because they were able to get a kid's meal. What a treat! We had FHE (family home evening). I was quite impressed with how much Tyler and Emily really listen to me. They knew alot more than I thought. That makes me so happy. The lesson was about the 6 B's. Be grateful, clean, prayerful, smart, true, and humble. What wonderful words to live by!!

Sunday was a very tiring day. I stay up way to late. I guess I feel that when everyone is sleeping that time alone is "my time" and I don't want to just go to sleep, but to enjoy it and get things done. So I stayed up and did some laundry. Yes, I know great "my time". So when I woke up to get ready for church I was so tired! Driving on the way to church all I could think about was a nap. Sacrament meeting had some good speakers. A couple of the speakers spoke on FHE. I thought about the FHE I had as a child growing up and I am so happy I have those memories. I hope that my children will have nothing but good memories from our family's FHE. I also saw Tiffany Aldaffer. She was one of the girls who hooked me and Sean up, kind of. I hadn't seen her since my wedding reception. That was fun to talk with her for a few minutes. Emily had a talk to give in Primary. She was soo excited. It was on the Book of Mormon. She stood right up in front of everybody and spoke clearly into the microphone. I was so pleased!! At home another successful Sunday of no T.V. :) The kids wrote letters to people and then we played Uno. Sean and his dad went and did some service for his Aunt Cindy, by delivering her a washer and dryer.

Well that was our weekend.

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Meredith said...

i know how you feel. i feel like i barely get all the laundry clean and folded before it is time to do it all over again. and i stay up when everyone else is sleeping, too! i would never get anything done otherwise! i am very impressed with no television on sundays. unfortunately, tv time is my sanity time! :) have a great week!