Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Busy! Busy!

I started my day off the right way, early and doing service. I went to visit teach an elderly lady and attempted to clean her apartment. She definitely can't part with anything. I am so glad I am not like that. I love dropping bags off at the Goodwill or in the garbage can. Anyways, she is a sweet old lady and I feel blessed to have her on my visiting teaching route. My companion and I didn't do so hot with our vt this month. Why is vt so hard to get accomplished for me? We only visited with two sisters. Next month we will get 100%! It is not even about the numbers for me, I just love to visit teach. If I don't do a good job than I get down on myself, because I know I can do better and I should!

I came home to get cleaned up, I had a full day ahead of me. I got dressed and read stories to the kids. Today was the last day of the Summer Reading Program at the library. The kids had to read a lot of books to be able to collect prizes for a spy kit. They were doing so well at listening to the stories I read or that Tyler reads. The kids were very excited to get the last prize, a telescope!

I ran one more errand, of course to Wal-Mart! We needed to get some food for dinner tonight and a few other odds and ends. I hurried home to take Tyler to register at Floyds Knobs Elementary. He was not excited one bit about going to school, but his feelings soon changed when we arrived. Holy Cow! That school was crazy busy! Tyler talked with the principal and met his new teacher, Mrs. Eberle. Of course EVERYONE said how nice she was. What were they going to say? :) I had Tyler and Ethan with me and I was exhausted from holding Ethan the WHOLE time. I wish I had brought a stroller for him. Everything was labeled and organized. I was impressed. I was also in shock when I found out that I had to RENT Tyler's books this year for $140!!!!!!!! You must be joking, right? That is just crazy! I don't even get to keep the books for that much money! Oh well, Tyler is excited and I am excited for him, kind of. :) After registration I didn't do much at all because I was too stinkin tired. :)

Off to bed, now. I need to get up early to take the kids to the last free movie at the theatre. We are going to watch Flushed Away. I have already seen it, it is ok.

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