Friday, July 27, 2007


Today was the last day of Soccer Camp. (I will post the pictures later.) I am happy that it is over so I don't have to wake everyone up early each morning, but sad because Tyler really had a great time. He learned a lot!! It also exhausted him each day so it made bedtime so much easier for him to fall asleep. Oh well, school will start in a couple of weeks, I am sure that will tire him out!

After soccer today we met up at Galena-Lamb Park to play with a couple of other families. It was nice for the kids to run wild. It was also fun for me to talk to some other moms- Margene and Denielle. They are so nice! Kind of freaky though at the park, two older gentleman drove up and were just sitting in their car together and watching the kids. Probably no big deal, but you know me my weirdo/paranoid sensor goes off and I can't really relax until they drive off. You never can be to careful and you never know what people are thinking these days.

Anyways we hurried home, changed our clothes, and ate lunch. We were going to go to the Zoo tonight with the Faulstick family, so I packed up everything that I needed for that outing. We had a couple of errands to do and while we were out it started raining. No more zoo plans. On to Plan B which was dinner and movie. We went to Applebee's. The food and the service weren't that great. Next, we rented the movie Breach. I didn't really like it. It was slow, actually it was so slow I fell asleep watching it.

Now everyone is asleep and I am up writing this and thinking about Christmas. Go figure.? I am trying to write down things I am going to get people. Is anyone else thinking about this or am I the only weirdo?

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