Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's been a long time!

We are all healthy and alive. The flu stayed with us for 2 weeks, slowly making its way to the next victim. We all had the flu even little baby Ethan. He was a good little trooper through the whole thing!

We have been staying busy. Zoo, visiting with family and friends, pool, and park. Some days I have to just schedule "nothing days" because we need to work on school and the house.

Sean has been busying studying, teaching computer classes, and fixing computers. He is still trying to improve his golf game and Tyler is right there with him. Tyler tells us that he is going to be a scuba diver, a fisherman, and a professional golfer when he grows up. He said that he is going to beat Tiger Woods. I smile and encouraged him to do his best. What a great goal Tyler! He loves golfing. Sean bought Tyler his first set of golf clubs. Tyler was soo excited.

I have been busy with the kids, housework, and I was just called to 1st counselor in the RS presidency. I am over HFPE. I am super excited! I have lots of ideas to try and spice up the program for this ward. I hope I do well. I also started working out/ jogging. I love exercising. I jog for 30 min. then I work out on the Total Gym. I am loving it!

Emily and Isabelle have been busy earning points for the Bonus Bucket. (I have a container filled with candy, toys, money, and tickets. When the kids do good deeds they earn points. 20 points and they get to cash them in for whatever there little heart desires.) So, Emily and Isabelle are scoping out Barbies. They take the $ from the Bonus Bucket and are saving it for new Barbies. I have to confess I am excited for when they get the new Barbies, I love playing dolls with them.

Ethan is learning to crawl. He is getting so big. And of course cuter by the day. :) I will get some pictures on this thing soon!

Today was a "nothing day". I still a few things on my list to accomplish, send out an e-card to Jeremy for his 33 b-day! Happy Birthday Jer! I love you! I still need to fold clothes, balance the check book and pay some bills. Some things just never end. And I still need to work out. Tonight I am putting the kids to bed a little earlier and Sean and I are going to watch a movie we just got from Netflix. (LOVE Netflix!) The movie is FlyBoys. The preview looked really good. I will let you all know.

Well, gotta go fold the clothes.

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Meredith said...

Fun! I was starting to worry about you guys! Glad you're all okay! :) I had that same calling in floida and it was awesome! LOTS of work, but one of my favs! You'll do great!