Monday, July 23, 2007

Starting Over

I like Mondays because I get to start all over with new goals, new errands, and mainly a new attitude. Why I don't I look at each day this way?

Well, the cousins are still visiting from Florida. The kids have been having so much fun hanging out with them. Vanessa(14) and Adrienne(13) have been really good with the Tyler and Emily following every move they make. It has been fun watching them play together.

Today started early. Tyler had his first day of Soccer Camp. He was really excited because he got a new water bottle, t-shirt, and soccer ball! He did really well listening to the coach and following directions. Great job Tyler! It was fun listening to the coaches because they are all from England and I LOVE their accents. "Oh right.", "Brilliant", and my favorite saying, "Here have a go." Lucky me I have a whole week of listening to the coaches talk. After soccer Sean's mom, Vanessa, Adrienne, Tyler and Emily went to the theater to see the new Disney movie, Rat a something? I haven't got a straight answer on how the movie was. I am such a picky person when it comes to movies. While my two older children were gone Isaboo, Ethan and I went to the Goodwill. Oh my gosh I totally made out with goods. All for $42 !!! I love the Goodwill!

-Barbie backpack
-Barbie doll
-card game
-6 puzzle games
-2 boy shirts
-1 Gap shirt
-1 Ann Taylor shirt
-1 NEW Express shirt
-3 Old Navy shirts
-1 NEW American Eagle shirt
-1 skirt
-2 t-shirts
My little shopping trip TOTALLY made my day!

Later on we celebrated Irina's 19th birthday. It was fun. I gave Ethan just a little bit of icing and cake. The poor little guy had an allergic reaction! He started to break out in hives all over his face. I called the doctor and he said I could give him Claratin and Benadryl together. So needless to say Ethan is asleep and doing MUCH better. Yes, I know bad mom.
I put the kids to bed a little early tonight. Oh my gosh they were so wound up!! It was driving me crazy! It has been nice to have this extra time. I got caught up with paperwork, folded laundry and washed a load. I better get to bed. I got Soccer Camp in the morning.

Oh, we have seen two older movies. Flyboys- pretty good. & Casino Royale 007- LOVED IT! Yes, Sean and I are slowly catching up to current movies, but it is hard to find time to sit and watch a movie together.

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