Monday, July 30, 2007

Lazy Weekend

I had such a lazy Saturday and Sunday! The crazy thing about it was I felt so exhausted!!

Saturday I attempted to clean, but Ethan is now crawling so he is getting in to EVERYTHING! I went a couple places with Sean's mom. We rented two movies but have only watched one, The Prestiege (o.k.) and Deja Vu (haven't watched yet). While I was out Isabelle fell off a chair on the deck and scraped her face all up. Poor child looks abused!

Sunday was a good day. I really do love Sundays. I love going to church to learn, feel the spirit and see my friends. It is a little difficult to go and stay in all the meetings with Ethan, but he won't stay a baby forever and I am enjoying the time I have with him now. I have been really good at preparing my "church bag" with snacks, quiet games, and coloring pages for the kids. It really seems to make a difference. I wasn't able to be in Sacrament Meeting or Sunday School at all. Ethan is very vocal, wants to go everywhere, and doesn't like to take naps. I did get to make the combined meeting for the fifth Sunday. It was good. We discussed how we can improve our temple attendance. I already know how to improve my attendance- I need to make the temple a priority in my life. Sad but true I really have never done this. I am very excited to change though. Jess and Will just bought me a beautiful temple dress! Thanks guys-LOVE IT!! I am going to set a date soon! For the rest of the day we just chilled at home. We ate a big lunch! Sean's mom and I went and bought a lot of fresh veggies on Saturday so we cooked those up and YUM! LOVE VEGGIES! The kids were a little on the hyper side, but that was fine. We watched some Book of Mormon movie that Sean's parents have. It was o.k. I didn't care so much for the acting. Later we made Brownie Sundaes. Can you guys tell I like food? They were pretty good, actually they were a little to sweet for me. Shocking yes I know.

Bedtime was fairly easy last night. Tyler was really tired so he went to bed really good, Emily on the other hand wouldn't stay in her bed. Darn girl! :) The adults stayed up and played Pit. It was so much fun! I love that game! After several rounds it was bedtime for Sean and I. Sean had to get up ata 2:30am to go and pick up a go-cart from somewhere in northern Indiana. What is he thinking?!

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