Sunday, October 7, 2007

The weekend...

Nothing special really to report.
Friday- Tyler had school. I helped out a friend and watched her kids for a couple of hours. We headed over to some friend's house and had dinner and just hung out that night.
Saturday- No soccer game. Hooray!!! General Conference this weekend. Hooray!!! Sean went to the Priesthood session that night and then we went to our friend's house, again. It was such a late night. Never again that late. The kids get so cranky! We watched, The Astronaut Farmer. Weird move. I didn't care for it at all.
Sunday- Conference. Loved what I heard from all of the speakers. We played two rounds of Balloon Lagoon game from Cranium. It is a fun game! The kids really like playing it. I made a some charts for the kids, and Sean printed up some new family goals. I love the new attitude we always have after listening to the speakers at Conference.

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Lupe said...

No soccer game always opens up opportunity to do other fun family activities!!

I'm looking forward to conference in two weeks! We get a re-broadcast in Japan. I'm hearing such wonderful buzz already and can't wait to hear it!