Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On the go Monday

Yesterday was a pretty good day all and all. The kids pretty good most of the day, all except for that rock incident. What were thinking throwing rocks across the street?!

In the morning we had some errands to run. Children in Circuit City don't mix well.

Around noon we headed over to a friend's house to eat lunch and do school work. We have been trying to do a weekly little preschool with the kids, but life has just been so busy that we have only been able to do "school" twice. Sarah read a couple of Halloween stories to the kids. My kids LOVE having stories read to them. Then they colored the letters in their names, cut out the letters, and laced the letters on to a piece of yarn to spell their name. The next worksheet was coloring a pumpkin and then choosing a face to cut out and paste on the pumpkin. The girls really do love to color.

Next we were off to pick Tyler up from school. Yay! He kept his green card for the day! (Green card = good behavior) At school Tyler had a Boosterthon assembly. Dang school! They have Boosterthon -Fun Run going on. Tyler needs to find people who are willing pledge money on how many laps Tyler walks/runs around the track. Just another annoying thing for me to do! I know how my mom must have felt when we came home so excited to sell all that crap the school would send home. Poor lady! She always had at least 3 of us wanting to sell the chocolates or the gift wrap, so we could win the cool light up phone or the "boom" box. Ha! Ha! Oh the memories. Anyways, I haven't decided if Tyler is actually going to do this. The run is during school, so maybe. He is begging me, because he wants to win one of the prizes. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all. :)

After a short break at home we were off to soccer practice. Emily stayed at home. She didn't sound very good breathing wise. I feel so blessed that I don't suffer from allergies or what ever she seems to have, but I do feel bad for her. At soccer practice, Isabelle, Ethan and I went for a walk. She talked to "baby" grandpa on the phone (my dad). She is so funny. I honestly can't remember why she calls my dad baby grandpa, but she does. Maybe one day he was pretending to cry. I don't remember. Tyler was acting strange at soccer practice. The coach seemed annoyed with him and another little girl. At first I had mixed feelings about Tyler's coach correcting him, but I think it is good that Tyler knows that when he acts weird it isn't acceptable. This way he doesn't always hear it from me.

Off to Little Caesar's again to pick up pizza. The employee there is very nice. She is always giving the kids toys. Last night they got some Halloween bags with a toy and glow stick in them. The kids were thrilled!

I am exhausted at this point in the day. 7:30pm and I could fall fast asleep. How pathetic! I am only 28 yrs. old and I am wiped out by 7:30pm?!! How in the world did Abraham and Sarah raise a child at 100 and 90 years old? Maybe little Issac ran wild in the wilderness while they did their parenting from their beds? :) Hopefully when Heavenly Father blessed them with Issac he also blessed them with the a mountain of strength and energy. Interesting....

Anyways, at dinner I was weak. I couldn't pass up my favorite pizza, but my mouth totally paid for my loss of will power. My mouth is so sore from chewing my food and having my wisdom teeth removed! After dinner we had homework, bathes, prayer and scrips.


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