Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Special Person

Yesterday we were invited to Tyler's school to celebrate "Special Persons' Week". This week is for the students to invite the special people in their lives. We invited Grandma Wellings, Sarah, Adam, Rachael, Jackson, Grammy and Grandpa Brown and of course mommy, daddy, Emily, Isabelle, and Ethan. Tyler had the most people BY FAR! Tyler should definitely know he is loved and special! It was nice of everyone to take time out of their busy lives to come to Tyler's school, too. Thanks everyone! I could tell it meant alot to Tyler. The school had refreshments and they took pictures of the students with their "special persons".

It was nice to see Tyler in his environment. He was excited to have everyone there and to show them the library. I was able to talk to Tyler's teacher for a few minutes. She is so nice. I am glad Tyler has her for a teacher. She said that Tyler has a really good memory, that he remembers EVERYTHING! She said he raises his hand and will say, "My mom taught me that the e and y make the long a sound when they are together." I just laughed. His teacher said sometimes she lets Tyler teach the class. So, I am thinking I am the mother of one of those "know-it-all-kids". He must get that from his father. :) Ha! Ha! Actually it makes he happy that Tyler raises his hand and voices his opinion. I am pleased with that quality, as long as he does it in a humble and respectful manner. Well, Special Persons time only lasted for about 40 minutes. Tyler wanted us to stay, but of course we couldn't.

We came back home and got a snack. The girls watched some cartoons, I made some phone calls and Ethan napped. Then it was time to pick Tyler up from school.

Later on we all headed to the park for Tyler's soccer practice. The girls rode their bikes, played on the playground and we went for a walk, while we waited for soccer practice to end. After practice I took the kids to Sonic to get a snack. I must have been starving, because I really don't care for Sonic and I thought their food tasted delicious!

We came home and started the bedtime routine-bath, scrips, prayer and bed!! The kids are doing really well on saying their personal prayers. I guess the charts are working. We also are working on memorizing the scripture for the month. This month is Matthew 5:16.

Sean and I stayed up and watched Fantastic 4- Rise of the Silver Surfer. It was o.k.

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Meredith said...

How fun to have so many special people at school just for tyler! And what a smart little guy! He was always respectful and humble in Primary. I can't imagine him being any different in school.