Monday, January 7, 2008

What is up?

What is up with Ethan? He is on antibiotics for his ear infection, but now for the past 2 days he has been running a fever. Please get better. Please get better. Please get better. I feel bad for him, because today he has been alittle more attached to me than normal. You can tell he doesn't feel good.

Tyler had is doctor's appt. for a urine recheck. A few weeks ago at the doctor's they had tested Tyler's urine and found protein. They wanted to recheck it because they said that protein in the urine can lead to kidney disease. Well, Tyler is all good. The doctor said that sometimes when the kids get dehydrated than that can show signs of protein in the pee. Thank goodness that was all it was. Prayers were answered!

Emily is doing well. Lately she has just been playing on the computer or with her Barbies. Oh, lets not forget her fave thing to do, watch Hannah Montana. Maybe I will regret admitting to this, but I actually like watching Hannah Montana too. It is hilarious!

Isabelle is Miss Personality!!! She loves her lipstick and loves to sing Hannah Montana songs with her blue microphone.

This weekend I have been on a roll organizing and getting rid of old paperwork! I think I have some good news to share- I'm getting a house! And you all thought I would say that I am pregnant, didn't you? I said good news. Which I guess being pregnant is good news, but for right now that wouldn't be in my good news category! Yes, more details to come on the house. Keep us in your prayers! I'm excited!!

Well, I am going to go help Tyler finish his homework. Ah, yes the holidays are over, back to work.

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Megan said...

Yay! Congrats on the house! I can't wait to get into one. I'm excited to hear more details! Good luck!