Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where does the time go?

Another one of those days when I look at the clock and say, "It is already 2:00?" Hmmm....what had I done by 2:00? Laundry, school with the girls and assisted Sean in taking unwanted music off my MP3 player, and I got caught up on emails.
Today I blame me being unproductive self on waking up at 4am. Ethan woke up screaming and throwing fits. I think his tummy was hurting. Around 6am I finally got him to fall asleep. So, I am a little tired. My other enemy of time is the computer. Yes, it is helpful at times, but it do think I spend more time on it than I realize.
I picked Tyler up from school and treated him to his free cheese sticks from Domino's Pizza. He had perfect attendance last semester so he was rewarded! He was so nice to share with his hungry little sister and brother. :)
Well, off to change not one diaper, but two! Man, it must be my lucky day!

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Lupe said...

LOL! Cheese sticks and changing two diapers in one day is surely a lucky day! :)