Monday, November 12, 2007

A new week

Starting a new week with new goals can be exciting and overwhelming. Today I am moving right down the list. 1. Balancing the checkbook- done. What a depressing task, but it needed to be done. 2. Did schoolwork with Emily and Isabelle. I feel like such a crap mom. I didn't know Emily knew all the letters of the alphabet, but she does and she knows MOST of the sounds. When did she learn those? What mom doesn't know these things about their children. Um, that would be me. Isabelle was doing a great job on identifying shapes. I was impressed she remembered the shapes, oval and triangle. Great job girls.
3. Washing laundry. Almost done, just one more load to go.
I better get off here and fold the laundry now.

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Meredith said...

Hannah shocked me the other day at the library by writing an H on her nametag. What the heck? Where did she learn that? They pick up everything. And some kids just get it. I think Emily is one of those. She is a smart little cookie.