Monday, June 4, 2007


Saturday- We went to Shawn and Lisa's house for Great Grandpa's 78th surprise birthday party. I have been in a bad mood this past weekend so I was kind of dreading getting together with everyone, but surprisingly I enjoyed the time I spent with the family.

Sunday- We went to the Corydon Branch for the Ross's baby blessing. Sean went up in the circle for the blessing. I felt the spirit so strong just watching the blessing be performed! I love the priesthood and the blessings in my life that come from the priesthood! I am grateful to the Ross's that they asked Sean to be there. I think that really lifted my spirits.

Later in the day I attempted scrap booking with the kids. I did get a few pages finished! :) We played games with the kids and great grandpa. I am so happy the tv is turned of on Sundays. I really think it makes a difference for our family on how we treat the Sabbath day!

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