Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's almost the weekend?!

I know, I know, I am sure it is getting old when I say that time flies by, but it is so true!!

We have been busy with all the summer activities. Too bad the beach isn't one of those activities this year. Yesterday, we went and saw Barnyard. It is an older movie, but the cinemas' are playing children movies every week during the summer for free!! It was a cute movie. It was fun for me to watch Isabelle. It was her first time to the movie theater and she was just smiling and eating her candy. She said she was going to watch the "big t.v.". After the movie we went to the Faulsticks for lunch and then on to the library to see Conner the Juggling Clown. It was so cute watching the kids clap and laugh. Nothing is better than hearing the laughter of little children. (Well, maybe watching them sleep is right up there too!!) :) After the library I came home to take a shower. I had Ethan strapped in his car seat, but in the bathroom with me. Isabelle was sitting next to Ethan like she normally does. She likes to sing to him and play with him. Well during the shower I had a thought to peek out and look at Ethan. Thank goodness I listened to the spirit because Isabelle tried to turn her little brother into a Pez dispenser! She had put 4 Pez candies in his mouth!! I jump out of the shower and picked the candies out of his mouth. I found 2 more in his car seat and 1 stuck to his shirt. So, total she tried to put 7 candies in his mouth. I got on her and of course she cried. Isabelle is a hand full!!

Well, since yesterday was a busy day I said that I wasn't going to go out today. I did get alot accomplished around the house, but I left around 5:30 this evening. This neighbor girl comes and stays for hours at a time. She is driving me freakin nuts! Sean's parents are letting her in even though they don't really care for her either. She is so annoying. I just had to leave, so I went to the Faulstick's house, of course. We ate dinner and had some ice cream! Thanks Sarah for saving me!!

Well, the kids are asleep and Sean is working I am off to work on scrapbook pages!

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