Friday, June 15, 2007

I love Garage Sales!!

Sean, his mom, and his grandpa went a few garage sales yesterday and they brought home 3 great toys!! They picked up a play grocery cart, a big fireman tent, and a keyboard with a microphone all for $8.50!! The kids are in heaven! Sean went again this morning with his mom and grandpa. They haven't returned yet so I don't know if they found any bargains.

Yesterday we went to my dads. Dad and Bobbie bought one of those inflatable pools. It is pretty big actually. The kids love it! It was fun to hang out over there with dad, Bobbie, Taralynn and her kids. I can't believe how big her kids are getting to be. Jeremiah and Jacob are such handsome and well behaved boys. (must get it from there mom- ha ha) Rebekah is so pretty and Josiah is so cute! I am glad we were able to spend some time with family.


Meredith said...

aren't garage sales awesome?

Brown Family said...

I have never been a garage sale person. I just always assumed it was just junk people were trying to sale, but I totally love them now!