Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moms have moms too

I had to buy Mother's Day cards for my mom and my mother-in-law. When I told the kids what I was doing Isabelle kind of had this puzzled look on her face. I reminded her that even though I am her mommy I have my own mommy. She just smiled, so I am not sure if she quite understands.

I picked five cards and had to quit browsing. Why? Funny story or at least I think so. Isabelle was in the front of the basket. I was fighting with Ethan. He won't get in the basket and he doesn't want to be held. I am doing the best I can to keep that little boy in my arms. Tyler and Emily were picking up every funny looking card they saw and cracking up. Then they discovered the muscial cards and that brought fun to a whole new level! While we were in the card isle so were two other gentlemen, but they quickly found cards! I finally gave in to Ethan and let him down following closely behind him and putting back all the cards he picks out. He quickly gets bored and starts pushing the basket with Isabelle through the store. I give up. I grabbed the cards that made me smile and caught up with him. We will just use the cards we don't use this year for next year. I must have looked like a space cadet mom.

Maybe Ethan's plan all along was helping me be prepared for next Mother's Day. Thanks Ethan!

Happy Mother's Day!


Veronica said...

my kids love the card isle too:) BUt are you trying to announce something important:)??? Just wondering:)

Brown Family said...

No, not announcing anything. Why? ;)

Shantell said...

You gotta love kids! I don't know how you do it with 4. I can barely keep up with 2.