Sunday, May 3, 2009

Church Skippers

Today was Stake Conference and I am going to be completely honest, I am not really a fan of Stake Conference. It is very difficult for me to sit there and pay attention for two hours. It was difficult for me as a child and now that I am grown with my own kids it is much worse! I feel bad for admitting to this, but I know it is no secret to the Lord of my feelings. Is he disappointed in me? Probably not since I am obeying and go. Today was a little different....

The morning started out pretty good. The kids were doing very well getting dressed and obeying for me. I was having a good hair day (which is very important ;)). But then it happened...Ethan burnt his little hand on my curling iron. So, our good morning wasn't good anymore. We went to church, Sean had to leave in the middle of Conference to go to work and I just didn't feel like fighting with Ethan to not run around in the gym. So, we left when Sean left. Sean at least took something home from conference, we need to budget a little better.

Even though we skipped church half way through it still ended up being a great Sabbath. We were able to rest, the kids wrote letters to Aunts and Uncles, and we had a good FHE.

I guess I good make a goal for next Stake Conference, to pray that I might be able to stay focused and that Ethan will color for the whole two hours and not move!! ;)

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Sarah said...

Since you confessed, I will confess too. This past Sunday was our Stake Conference too and I didn't go either. I had to take John to the airport and I just didn't feel like chasing after Emily and trying to keep Matthew calm and quiet by myself for 2 hours. But, I did watch some general conference talks that I missed and the kids watched Book of Mormon videos, so I don't think it was all bad. I'm sure Heavenly Father understands and soon our kids won't be small anymore and we'll actually be able to focus on what's being said, right?