Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just wanted to write about Emily. She is such a wonderful daughter! I can always count on Emily to help me with Ethan and to help me around the house. She is such a great sister to Tyler because he always begs her to play a Star Wars game even if she doesn't want to play she will. She is such a great big sister to Isabelle, even when Isabelle tries to boss Emily around Emily will just ignore it and go on with what she was doing. Emily is so kind to Ethan, too! If Ethan wants something that Emily has she will give it to him because she says, "I don't want to here him cry." Emily is such a great example of a being a peacemaker!

At school Emily's teacher always tells me how wonderful Emily is in class. She always tells me she would keep her if I ever wanted to get rid of her. ;) Like that would happen! ;) She tells me how helpful Emily is with the other children. She says that Emily is not like some other kids that boss other kids around when helping, but very humble when she is helping. She is always eager to learn and is a very fast learner! I am always so pleased to hear reports on Emily everywhere I go. I always here, "You have done such an excellent job!" Well, I wish Sean and I could take credit, but we can't we are just blessed with a wonderful little girl who always wants to do good!

Well, we all have our trials and Emily has had an early one to deal with in her life, it is her allergy induced Asthma. She is a trooper. She never complains when she has to take her breathing treatments or drink disgusting medicine. My heart hearts for her when she sometimes can't go out with the other kids or tells me it is hard to breathe at times. She is always looking towards a positive future and knows the Lord hasn't forgotten her. She prays that she will overcome this and has tremendous faith!

Thanks for being such a great daughter, sister, friend, and an excellent example of how Jesus wants us to be! I love you, baby girl!


Shantell said...

Congratulations Emily! She is a mini-you! I can't believe how much she looks like you...too cute!

Jason and Charlotte said...

Great Job Emily!! Remember children learn by example, congrats to you two also for being such wonderful parents!!

will, jess, gabbie, kensie, cambrie... said...

that is so fun! Congrats Emily! you get the peacemaking honest...from me! Ha.