Monday, February 9, 2009

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

It seems like the girls in the house have been doing lots of partying, lately. A couple of weeks ago Emily was invited to a birthday party for her best, little, school friend, Jenna. It was a themed Princess Ball Costume Party. Emily has outgrown all of her dress up clothes and I wasn't about to fork out any unneeded money. So, we dressed her up in a beautiful church dress. I pulled her hair up and curled it with the curling iron. Of course,she just had to have some makeup (it is was a special occasion) so, just a little tinted lip gloss would do the trick. She looked beautiful, of course. ;) (Pictures to come later.) Isabelle was so sad she wasn't invited to Jenna's party. After all the stories Emily tells Isabelle about Jenna, I guess Isabelle feels as if she knows Jenna. It about broke her heart and mine because Isabelle was crying and she said, "But mommy I can go to the party because Emily is going to tell Jenna about me." :( After we dropped Emily off at the party I took the other kids to a restaurant. They were very excited about that and I enjoyed the time talking about things in their lives that I don't always think to talk about.

This past Friday I went to the movie theatre and saw, He's Just Not That Into You. It was cute, but I didn't like one storyline ( I won't say so I don't ruin it for others.) I was so excited to go out. I hadn't been to the movies in FOREVER! I think for a couple years at least! One of my friends from church invited me with some of her friends. Sean was so cool about wanting me to go that I didn't feel guilty at all! Thanks, babe!

This past Saturday was another party, this time it was for both girls. Isabelle was so excited and to add more fun into the mix it was being held at Chuckie Cheese. I took all the kids and while the girls were having fun with the birthday girls (two sisters from church) Tyler and Ethan were having a blast playing games. I owed the kids a trip to Chuckie Cheese anyways because they both received EXCELLENT report cards. They worked hard at getting As in academic and As in conduct! Great work guys! Needless to say EVERYONE had a great time!

I was so tired on Saturday evening. I knew we had one more party on Sunday to go to for my nephew, Solomon. Tammy called me and told it was postponed so I feel that was a blessing so I could get some much needed rest and get the house caught up. I guess I am getting too old for all this party time!

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Veronica said...

It's nice to get out when you don't have to take the kids:) I always seem to feel atleast a little guilty when i do some sort of girls night and aaron is at home with the kids. But you need a break every once in a while, you know:)