Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A few things that I don't want to forget....

-Sean and Tyler have been working on Pine Wood Derby. Constructing the fastest car takes time, you know. Tyler is so excited he can't wait until race day.

-Tyler lost his last front tooth, today! He lost it at school and was so excited that the school gave him a tooth holder key chain. He told me that if his teeth haven't grown back by Christmas then he will be able to sing, "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth". I informed him that most likely they will be grown in my then.

-Emily has been sick lately. She missed school on Thursday due to a stomach ache. She was tardy on Monday due to asthma issues. Today, Sean went to pick her up early from school because she was complaining of a stomach ache. I hope she starts feeling better. The doctor seems to believe she has a little bug which would explain her stomach feeling yucky. Her asthma flare would be caused by the allergies from the change in weather. Poor girl!

-Isabelle loved helping me at the store yesterday. She told me that we were a team and using team work because I would give her the groceries to arrange in the basket for me. She is so cute!

-Ethan enjoyed opening up the honey on the way home from the store and playing with it in his car seat! Talk about a sticky situation!

I do have pictures and a cute video to post, but I need Sean's help. So....patience Jessica! :)

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