Sunday, December 9, 2007

Primary Program Sunday

Today was the Primary Program at church. It went REALLY well. Tyler and Emily were very good sitting up in the seats with the other children. I must admit I was a bit worried, especially for Emily. That girl is the sneaky/funny type. But everything went well. Tears came to my eyes one time while I was watching the kids. I am so grateful for the gospel and raising my kids in the church. I love hearing them speak of Jesus and sing songs to praise him. Great job Tyler and Emily!
After church we headed home. It was such a yucky rainy day. Today Sean was leaving to go to West Virgina for a few days so I packed his bag and got him on his way. Then the kids and I ate dinner and played a game of Balloon Lagoon. I LOVE Cranium games! We had ice cream and headed to bed.
I love relaxed Sundays!

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Lupe said...

I always get teary eyed at Primary Programs. So good to hear your kids did well in it! Relaxed Sundays are the BEST!